Tango Devoradores Marathon Wrocław

10th Anniversary Edition - 23-25th April 2021
The oldest and one of the finest tango marathons in Poland

Feel invited to the 10th Anniversary Edition of TDMW

Let’s meet and dance in April 2021 in Wrocław, Poland!

About Tango Devoradores

We've been doing this since 2010 - 10th Anniversary in April 2021!

We started our journey with tangomarathon in 2009 with an idea of bringing the first full weekend, full-sized tango marathon to Poland. And so happened the first edition in 2010 in Wrocław – in the South of Poland. It has been a small (80 p.) marathon, but a very succesful experience and so we continued learning from the best organizers out there and from our own experience. So happened 9 edition of this now well-known Polish tangomarathon.
Our participants admire most of all the fantastic venue with great dance floor for 300 p. and more, high quality sound, with air-conditioning and/or fresh air during the day thanks to a terrace, plus the good Polish cuisine – delicious and fresh meals served by a local restaurant.
But… first of foremost it’s the friendly people, warm atmosphere and excellent DJs from all over the world!

Thank you for being part of this journey!
Tango Devoradores Team

This is the Devoradores' Experience

The Best DJ's + HQ Sound

Great DJ-s from all over the World (mostly Europe) and a fantastic venue with high quality and high performance sound system. So you could just… enjoy the dances and immerse yourself in this experience 😉

Delicious Polish Food

Fresh and delicious meals of Polish cuisine both regular and vegetarian served throughout the marathon. Warm meals during the evening and fresh fruits and beverages (tea, coffee, water) available all the time in the lobby.
Alcohol drinks served in the restaurant (friendly prices).

Warm & Friendly atmosphere

Great dancers, warm and friendly people willing to dance all the time. We always care about followers vs. leaders ratio and provide lots of space outside the dance hall to rest, eat or chit-chat with other participants from all over the world.

What others are saying

Dear organisers, DJs and all involved, a big thank you for this wonderful marathon. For me it already ended as I am sitting here at Wroclaw airport, waiting for my flight, but in my mind I am still there, on the dancefloor, with all these fresh memories. And big thank you to all my amazing partners for our tandas, I enjoyed them immensely!
Piotr M.
April 29, 2018

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watch for yourself

Great dancers, large dance floor, exquisite music and delicious Polish food served throughout this tango feast!

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