To get there:
<img decoding=” /> From Rynek (Market Sq.) – (bus stop: Kazimierza Wielkiego):
BUS – 142 (bus stop: Serbska);
319, 119 (bus stop: Łużycka)
TRAM – 14, 24 (bus stop: Serbska)

<img decoding=” /> From Kołobrzeska St. (bus stop: Kuźniki):
BUS – 129


Call +48 800 10 96 63 (free phone call, except roaming fees depending on your service provider)
During order say the word „TANGO”. On these routes price is fixed.
  • Agora – Airport – 50 PLN
  • Airport – Agora – 50 PLN
  • Rynek (center) & surroundings – Airport – 50 PLN
  • Airport – Rynek (center) & surroundings – 50 PLN
  • Agora – Rynek (center) & surroundings – 20 PLN
  • Rynek (center) & surroundings – Agora – 20 PLN

Other once you get 10% discount.

At the Venue

Immediately after arriving at the Agora Cultural Center, go through the main door and go left to the Registration table to pick up the bracelet, which is a confirmation of participation in the marathon.

Centrum Kultury Agora - wnętrze 1

C.K. Agora - from the outside

Centrum Kultury Agora - wnętrze 2

C.K. Agora - interior

A few important rules in C.K. Agora

The outside doors remain closed when the air-conditioning is ON.

When outside, please don’t make too much noise to respect the neighbours.

You may smoke here, but please don’t throw cigarettes on the ground.

Agora od strony sali tanecznej

Agora - from the back

Please keep in mind that:
▪ this marathon is a private event and only registered individuals can enter the venue
▪ each participant will receive an arm-band that should be kept on the arm and be shown each time you want to enter the venue
▪ in the venue there are showers and a cloakroom at your disposal
▪ the organizers of the event are not in any way responsible for any valuable things left without care
▪ please don’t take with yourself any drinks or food to the dancing room/concert hall or the chill-out room, as well as into the restrooms
▪ smoking is strictly prohibited inside Agora, you will be able to smoke outside the building in clearly marked zones
▪ please respect the people living in the neighbourhood of the marathon whereabouts and try to behave with moderacy and keep a calm voice when chatting outside of the building between 10pm and 7am – REMEMBER: Some people want to sleep, while we are enjoying our tango!