Thursday - Pre-Milonga

Dear Friends!
On Thursday 25th of April, we would like to invite you to a warm welcome and a starter before the Devoradores Tango Marathon Wrocław 2019. Let's meet and dance at 21:00-3:00 H in "Stara Giełda".  

Stara Giełda - Wrocław, photo: wikimapia user: Marek Szadkowski

Stara Giełda - Wrocław, photo: wikimapia user: Marek Szadkowski

We will host two fantastic DJs, who will surely make this milonga a smooth and energetic intro to the Marathon.

The event does not require former registration, so we invite especially our local dancers, to take this oppprtunity and come to meet our tango guests, who will arrive to Wroclaw already.

"Stara Giełda" is a traditional devoradores place located in heart of old city on Solny Square. There's a drink bar too.

NOTICE: We will be dancing on polished tiles but feet friendly !

DJ Tomek Kopinski

DJ Tomek Kopinski

Devoradores Team Irek Krajewski

DJ Irek Krajewski

▪ 21:00-0:00 DJ Tomek Kopinski :: Wroclaw, Poland
▪ 0:00-3:00 DJ Irek Krajewski :: Warsaw, Poland

Price: 25 PLN / 6 EUR
Tickets will be sold at the entrance

Address: Stara Giełda, Plac Solny 16

Friday - Wroclaw's Tour

Wrocław Discovery Tour, edition 2019 – „To me, Lviv is a foreign city”

Hey, but isn’t the marathon taking place in Wrocław? And isn’t Lviv in Ukraine? What’s the connection between the two?

Well, come take a walk with Ana and you’ll find out. This year’s tour, inspired by a song by a Wrocław poet Roman Kołakowski, will take you back to the heart of the city. I’ll share with you stories of migrants and migrations. About those who left the city and those whom fate brought to it – from many different places and countries.
The basic language of the tour will be English, but as usual: no worries if you’re not an English speaker. We’ll figure out a way to communicate.

Fontanna Alegoria Walki i Zwycięstwa - Wrocław

Fountain: Allegory of Struggle and Victory - Wroclaw

Let’s meet on Friday at 2 PM near the fountain Allegory of Struggle and Victory at Plac Jana Pawła II. 

Time: Friday 14:00-15:30
Meeting point: click here for a map

Tango Devoradores Maraton Wrocław 2019

START: Friday (26th April) – 8:00 PM, END: Sunday (28th April) 8:00 PM
Venue: Centrum Kultury Agora, more details > click here

Centrum Kultury Agora Tango Devoradores Marathon

Centrum Kultury Agora - Tango Devoradores Marathon


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DJ Schedule 2019


20:00-01:00 :: DJ Ula Wojtkowiak - Warsaw, Poland
01:00-06:00 :: DJ Roberto Tucci - Rome, Italy


13:00-15:00 :: warm-up - DJ Irek Krajewski - Warsaw, PL
15:00-20:00 :: DJ Wiktoria Dmuchowska - Vilnius, Lithuania
20:00-01:00 :: DJ John Rownan - Dublin, Ireland
01:00-06:00 :: DJ Alper Akgül - Istanbul, Turkey


11:00-15:30 :: DJ Patxi Marín - Alicante, Spain
15:30-20:00 :: DJ Maria Gesse - Warsaw/Rostov, Russia

Devoradores Tango Marathon Wroclaw DJ Team 2019


MENU - Meals & Drinks

Tango Devoradores Marathon meals and drinks

Tango Devoradores Marathon meals and drinks

Sunday - Tango flash-mob

Dear Tango Enthusiasts!
Some rules ( for those who will take part for the first time):
This is going to be a traditional Flash Mob - we meet on Saturday at an agreed place, dance tango for 1.5 hours and then... we will disappear 🙂 

tango devoradores flash mob 2019

Tango Devoradores flash mob 2019

Music provided by: DJ Iwona Kaj & DJ Marcin Głowacki

NOTICE: Have comfortable dance shoes with you because we will dance outside on a stone surface.

Please come and enjoy tango in the open air!
Meeting Point: Rynek, Sunday, Pregierz 12:00 - 13:30.
(Whipping post)

Sunday - After-Party

On Sunday 28th of April, at 21:30-3:00H, we would like to invite you to the Devoradores After-Party, at 1st floor in restaurant Sukiennice 7.

Restauracja Sukiennice 7, Wrocław

Sukiennice 7 Restaurant, Wroclaw

It is going to be the marathon fare-well milonga but we hope it will be also an opportunity to meet local dancers and let the tangomarathon moments last a little bit longer.. 🙂 

Food in restaurant will available on order until 10.00 p.m., drink bar will open during night milonga.

Restaurant "Sukiennice 7" is in the middle of Rynek Square, reached by foot from the underground parking NFM (Narodowe Forum Muzyki).

DJ Kasia Tg

DJ Kasia Gabryluk

​Will play for us:
▪ DJ Kasia Gabryluk :: Wroclaw, Poland

Sukiennice 7 Restaurant
Address: Sukiennice 7
Price: 30 PLN / 7 EUR

We'll dance on a lovely wooden floor at the first floor of the restaurant.

Let's Meet and Dance in Wroclaw