DJ Nina Taghavi
DJ Nina Taghavi – Stockholm/Sweden

In the word of music

As I think about TANGO I see the music, each song as its own painting. My reference to each song stays in my mind rather as a visual, an image, with its own rhythm than “a song in my head”. An image with its colors and textures. It’s almost like I can remember how if feel touching the image of that particular song. The challenge is, for each milonga, to make a new visual out of the chosen songs for that particular event and energy. Isn’t funny how often a night doesn’t end up the way you imagine? Music in general has that affect on you, you don’t know how you will react. It depends, you say. Who is standing in front of you, who are you holding in your arms.

However melancholic, sad, happy you feel, my goal is to make you leave the milonga with a sense of satisfaction and when you think back to that particular evening, you have a new image in your mind that you can hold on to.