DJ Michal Zachariasiewicz
DJ Michal Zachariasiewicz – Katowice/Poland

From 2002 and his first milonga experience in Zurich he knew that tango is going to stay for good in his life. Initially fascinated by tango as a dancer, he took his first steps as a DJ rather as a necessity due to the needs of the tango scene of Katowice being established at that time. Afterwards he consistently accumulated knowledge, experience and assembled sets of Tango music, while each and every DJ experience convinced him how much fun may be brought about by tango taken from that other side of the console. As a DJ he visited tango events both internally and abroad. He regularly plays on his milonga in Katowice.

He understands his role as a DJ as taking care of two essential elements. First, the interaction with the dancers – sharing the time and space and sensing the expectations of the dancers. Second, watchfulness for the best quality of the music played. In the course of the night he only scarcely plays tangos, which do not origin in the Golden Era. He favors the performances of the orchestras of D’Arienzo and Troilo.

„After 2011 and the first edition of the event I am very eager to come back to dj at the Wrocław Tango Devoradores Maraton!”