DJ Karolina Tkaczuk
DJ Karolina Tkaczuk – Lodz / Poland

Karolina has fallen in love first with tango as a dance, shortly after that the curiosity and the passion for the music surfaced.

Initial explorations of tango music led her to the fascination with traditional music, especially from the 30s and 40s. She believes that the task of a DJ is to create a unique mood and comfort for the dancers over and over again with each tanda throughout the night. Each dance should be a new journey for the dancers, “el viaje que dura sólo tres minutos” (a trip that lasts only three minutes). Before she plays a tanda she always asks herself, “Would I really want to dance it now, myself?”

For the last couple of years Karolina was a resident DJ for the Charlottesville tango scene (USA), which was her tango home, where she wanted to introduce the spirit of “Porteño y Bailarín” and/or “Salón Canning”, and where she managed to attract even the most traditional and picky tangueros from the area.