DJ Eva Beno
DJ Eva Beno – Budapest/Hungary

First she was addicted to Argentine Tango as dance, the addiction of Tango Music came later…now she cannot separate them. When she is DJ-ing, her overall goal is to play for You,… to let dancers to experience the most intensive energies of Tango. In her music selection you can listen Orquestras such as: D’arienzo, Fresedo, Di Sarli, Biagi, Canaro, Donato, OTV, Lomuto etc.
She has been playing at: Danubiando, Noches Tango Marathon, Belgrade Tango Marathon, Zagreb Tango Festival, Timisoara Tango Festival, Carpathian Tango Festival, Belgrade Tango Festival, Lodz Tango Marathon, Istanbul 333 milonga, Istanbul El Huracan milonga.

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