dj Wiktoria Dmuchowska

Devoradores Tango Marathon 2019 - DJ Wiktoria Dmuchowska :: Vilnius, Lithuania

I fell in love with traditional tango music from the first time I heard it! It was so hypnotising and yet already so strangely familiar to me - as if you were looking for something precious for your soul and you finally found it.

From this moment on it became an integral part of me. I started studying and collecting tango music, and later playing it at local milongas, and at encuentros and marathons in Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, the UK, Poland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, Spain, Belarus and Netherlands.

My heart belongs to traditional tango music from Golden Age. Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese and Juan D’Arienzo are my holy trinity. At the same time elegance of Carlos Di Sarli, fruitiness of Miguel Calo and madness of Rodolfo Biagi don’t leave me indifferent.

For that reason, I always try to create a harmony between orquestas, their energy and mood. While Dj’ing my top priority is to feel the crowd and adjust to it choosing the right music for the right moment.

- Wiktoria Dmuchowska