dj Ula Wojtkowiak

Devoradores Tango Marathon 2019 - DJ Ula Wojtkowiak :: Warsaw, Poland

I started my adventure with tango when I almost fell from the chair under the dome of the Museum of Musical Instruments in Prague listening to the musical lecture of Color Tango, which "told" instrumentally about history, showing the evolution of tango from the beginning of its existence until June 2007.
From then on practically the magic of tango determined my actions.

While I was intensely dancing in tango, I started to play and sing with Argentine musicians in Prague. I have a musical education, I am after a piano class, I play the accordion, as I spent a small amount of time on rehearsals and concerts with my daddy-conductor. My great-grandfather played bandeon.

After graduating from the Theater Academy in Prague as a dancer, I worked in the National Opera in Rome surrounded by music from all over the world. I've been collecting tangoes, files and notes for years, and I've been exchanging music.

I am dancing a dozen or so years, playing as a DJ, I started in Rome several years ago. I have recently been living and playing with pleasure as a DJ mainly in Warsaw, you could also hear me in a few marathons or milongas in Italy.

Listening to the temperament, moods, needs of dancers and following them is also in a sense a dance for me - it's a unique exchange of energy.

- Ula Wojtkowiak