dj Roberto Tucci

Devoradores Tango Marathon 2019 - DJ Roberto Tucci :: Rome, Italy

Roberto is a rising star, a young DJ, who has already won love and recognition in Italy, where the tango audience is very demanding.
We are sure you will love his performance as he really puts all his soul and all his love for tango into his DJing.
Roberto about himself and DJ-ing:

“I always stayed in the milonga with a small group of friends until the very end, we were the ones who needed a few more tandas for complete happiness. So when the DJ left, I put the music on my phone for half an hour or so 🙂 and my friends were happy.

Once one of the organizers suggested me as a DJ in a big milonga.
So I started this wonderful experience.
Now I regularly put on music in Rome and some other Italian cities and recently started DJing in Russia.

I think that DJ has a big responsibility. When I put on music, I try to understand the tastes, mood, and feelings of the dancers in order to offer suitable music, enter into dialogue with them, and win confidence.

I try to take care of all the details in order to get this result, and when I achieve it, a tangible connection arises between me and the dancers. And it is a great pleasure!
How do I understand if my job was a success? When people can relax in a milonga, when they smile, chat, dance and exchange feelings.

I think that the most important quality of a DJ is sensitivity. He needs to feel people and serve them in the best way. Because without people you do not have milongas.
I admire the variety of music in which great orchestras managed to express the same set of feelings. Each song is unique and precious. I like how music can unite two different people in the creation of dance, which is a part of life."

- Roberto Tucci