dj Patxi Marín

Devoradores Tango Marathon 2019 - DJ Patxi Marín :: Alicante, Spain

Passionate milonguero, dancer and Tango-Dj for more than 15 years, likes to feel the vibrations of the heart of each of the dancers who are in each moment on the dance floor, his wide musical selection walks from the orchestras of the "Guardia Vieja" to the more contemporary orchestras with sounds more enveloping, conforming the "Golden Age", the solid basis of his repertoire... Donato, D'Arienzo, D'Agostino, Troilo never missing in his musical selection when he is responsible for playing the music.

At this moment, he lives and works in Alicante (Spain) and in addition to all the events and milongas in which he is invited you can find him regularly as Dj resident in "Lo de Toya" Milonga.