DJ John Rownan :: Dublin, Ireland
DJ Wiktoria Dmuchowska :: Vilnius, Lithuania
DJ Roberto Tucci :: Rome, Italy
DJ Maria Gesse :: Warsaw/Rostov, Russia
DJ Alper Akgül :: Istanbul, Turkey
DJ Ula Wojtkowiak :: Warsaw, Poland
DJ Patxi Marín :: Alicante, Spain

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dj Wiktoria Dmuchowska

DJ Wiktoria Dmuchowska

dj John Rownan

DJ John Rownan

dj Roberto Tucci

DJ Roberto Tucci

dj Maria Gesse

DJ Maria Gesse

dj Alper Akgül

DJ Alper Akgül

dj Ula Wojtkowiak

DJ Ula Wojtkowiak

dj Patxi Marín

Devoradores Tango Marathon 2019 - DJ Patxi Marín

We always put the marathon's music quality in front. This is a priority for us. We invite the best DJs from all over Europe and the best among Polish DJs.
What is most important to us is the dance flow during the marathon, the involvement of most dancers, which we supply by balancing the dancing roles 50/50% (leader/followers). 
The music system in AGORA (the venue) produces an exceptional sound quality which can be put to a great advantage even with old music records, such as some of the tangos.
We also care about the "ronda" and try to arrange the dancing hall to facilitate the dancing.