Registration for the 9th Edition of Tango Devoradores Marathon

START: 17th January 2019 - 21:00 CET 

Come and dance with us in Wroclaw.
We are waiting for You!

Please read the Marathon Regulations before registering and get to know the registration rules written below.

2019 Devradores Tango Marathon Regulations - Please read them before registering!

Please read this Registration Manual to make sure you understand the process. This is the manual from past years - the process is exactly the same in 2018.
Also know that we departed from the rule "first come, first served" so you don't have to send the form at 21:00 precisely!
Take your time! We don't want anybody to feel stressed with this registration process.

You may register SOLO or in COUPLES, but please note that we do try to balance the dancing roles during the marathon, so it is better to register with a partner.

Please read the Marathon Regulations.
The participation in the marathon is equal to confirming that you have read and accept these regulations.

Here's a quick summary of the most important principles - However please DO READ the full regulations text.

  1. The registration for the marathon starts Thursday 17 January 2019 at 21:00h (9 PM CET) and closes when no places are available.
  2. During the first hour, following you sending the registration form, you should receive an automatic reply stating that we have received your form. This is only a confirmation that it is in, it's not yet the confirmation of participation in the marathon.
  3. We reserve 10 days for response to your registration, we will send everyone an answer - either positive or negative - so please be patient.
  4. If your response in positive, then you have 7 day for payment. We accept PayPal or bank transfers, but please be aware that if your bank/payment gate charges extra fees for the transfer you have to cover this extra fee - we do not cover these extra costs and the fee for the marathon is 73 EUR net (if you registered after 31-01-2019 fee is 80 EUR net).
  5. After receiving your payment we will send you a final confirmation of participation in the marathon.
  6. If you decide to cancel your participation after having paid the full fee for the marathon please note, that we reimburse only 60% of the total fee and after the date of 8.04.2019 we do not make any reimbursements.